MX Deposit - Onboarding

After purchasing a new subscription to MX Deposit and before you start logging drill holes and points there is a process that you have to go through that we call “Onboarding”. This is where MX Deposit is configured to meet your data capture and management needs and also where you and your team are trained to get the most out of the system. We are here to help you through this and you will be guided along this path. This is included at no additional charge with your subscription and includes configuration of the following items within your new MX Deposit instance:

*Assistance with the creation of additional configuration for Projects, Activities and Sample Analysis Workflows can be included as part of the onboarding process for an additional cost.

When onboarding is complete, you will be able to fully log a drill hole or point sample, import assay results and validate QAQC related to those assays.

The Process

Here are the basic steps:

Onboarding FAQ's

Do I have to use your onboarding services or can I just do this myself?

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Absolutely! Everything that we do in order to configure your system is done through tools that are available to you within the software as an administrator. We’ve had many customers do this and they are some of our favourite customers ;-) There is no harm in giving it a try and getting our help too. Sometimes going through the process with us is a good way to establish a relationship, and also to make sure that you get some tips and tricks on some of the finer points to ensure that you get the most out of your subscription. Remember, this is included at no additional cost to your subscription.

What is included in the configuration?

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Onboarding includes assistance with the creation of the following for One Project and One Activity:

  • Lists
  • Headers
  • Tables
  • Activities
  • Reference Materials and Sample Types
  • Sample Analysis Workflows (Lab analysis)
  • Projections (Grids)
  • Projects
  • Validation Rules

Further Projects and Activities can be included for an additional cost. 

Note that everything we do to configure your system is done completely through the MX Deposit user interface when logged in as an administrator. There are no special features or functions that we use behind the scenes that you don’t have access to get your site configured.

What information will we need to provide in order to have a Project configured and what format should this information be sent in?

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After having onboarded hundreds of companies who all do things differently, we have boiled things down to some standard items that we request - in some pretty specific formats that are simple to produce using tools that you have at your disposal. This puts some work onto you and your team up front to provide us with something that we can easily read and interpret - and in many cases just straight import into the system. It really reduces the time to onboard significantly and limits the amount of rework necessary to get to the final product. It will also help you to be able to create any future Projects and Activities without our assistance.

How long does onboarding take?

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Much of the timeline depends on your ability to provide the necessary information in the prescribed format as well as your availability for the online training sessions. Times have varied from as little as one to two business days from the time of purchase to much longer depending on these variables.

How much training is included for free with the subscription?

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Up to 4 hours of online training is included as part of the subscription. Typically this is more than enough time to properly train administrators and users how to use MX Deposit to a level where they are proficient. Typically, most customers have been up and running in 2 sessions of 2 hours of training each. In fact we are proud to say that many customers have learned how to use MX Deposit fully without any training from our team as well.

What if our trained administrator leaves our company or we bring on new people and they need training?

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This is not considered part of normal onboarding training and this type of additional training is not included in the cost of subscription. Training sessions can be organized as a paid session and are exclusively handled online.

Are there any resources other than training to help me configure and use MX Deposit?

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MX Deposit has in-line walkthroughs built into the software that will guide you through the onboarding process in a step-by-step manner to enable you to learn how to configure the system to meet your needs. There are also knowledge base articles and a growing library of videos hosted on the MX Deposit YouTube channel, and integrated into both the walkthroughs and support articles as well.

Does onboarding include importing my historical data?

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As these projects can vary widely in scope and complexity they are not included as part of the regular onboarding service. Our team can assist you with the migration of historical data. These are treated as a paid service for which our team can provide a fixed quote of costs based on assessment of your historical data set.