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Affordable, flexible, mobile and hosted, MX Deposit gives you full control over all of your drill hole and sample data.

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Affordable, accessible, secure and fully hosted.

Offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), MX Deposit lets you focus your budget and efforts on value added activities rather than the systems and people that support them. After signing up, you immediately have worldwide access to the system, as well as training and support.

MX Deposit goes where you go.

Whether you are importing assay results in the office, checking on progress from your hotel, or picking up grab samples off the grid, MX Deposit can handle it. With native Android and iOS applications you can work fully offline in remote areas. Data is automatically synched to the web application once you are back online.

“We've seen major advantages from deploying MX Deposit as an enterprise-level core logging platform. The bottom line is that MX Deposit users can realize large savings in time and costs while simultaneously enabling company-wide consistency in data capture.”

Dr. James Lang

Senior Vice President Mining
Hunter Dickinson Inc.

Build the solution for your situation.

MX Deposit lets you fully customize your entire data management solution without a single line of code. The best part is that you can be up and running in days, not months.

Harness your team's collective power.

MX Deposit’s real-time activity feed allows team members to post comments and questions either globally, or to a specific group of people. Images and comments can be tagged to specific drill holes, samples, tables, records or values within a record. You won’t need to flip between emails, text messages, files or other sources to keep projects on track. And with a full history, the audit trail on your data is fully captured.

“Ease of use really sold us on MX Deposit. You can update tables, change or add additional headers and tables, add items to drop down lists, import data and export data all in real time – without having to wait for technical support. However, live technical support is always available if you require any help.”

Graeme Joyce

GIS Manager
Klondike Gold Corp.

Get a clear look at your data.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but having a clear picture of your data is priceless. MX Deposit provides in-line visual insights into your data while also providing the more traditional dashboards, reports, exports and 3rd party integrations. You can get a live look at all of your data by simply logging in.

Make better decisions.

Drilling and sampling are costly activities with data being their only product. Build all of your important data validation rules into the system and use them to collect quality data that will stand the test of time. Handle assay QAQC with ease while tracking all the details. A full audit trail is captured on every piece of data.

“I would say 95% of our data entry is quicker and easier, since our move to MX Deposit. One of the best features is the ability to design the system to fit the parameters of the project. It’s not often that you find that kind of flexibility and we can clearly see what the upsides are.”

Nick Cook

Mawson Resources